Eco Beauty Movement

Welcome to the Eco Beauty Movement.   I established the Eco Beauty Movement to create awareness worldwide of the need for a greater understanding of the negative impacts of the beauty industry (fashion and cosmetics), both socially and environmentally.

While the cosmetics industry is driven by profits and the stereotyping of women, it is also affecting our planet, health and the welfare of animals in a significant way.  

Unfortunately women are using cosmetic products without understanding the impact of product ingredients.   So many brands claim to be organic and natural.   Sadly, they are not.   Many products contain dangerous chemicals and toxins which can cause cancer and other illnesses and conditions.

It is no wonder that asthma and other skin conditions and allergies are increasing all over the world.

In addition, the products are tested on animals and the packaging ends up in the ocean and waterways.

Greater awareness will lead to change and also influence consumer behaviour.   Importantly, it will also reduce the harm being caused to people, animals and the environment across our planet.

I hope to be part of this change.